Day 1-My first week with #4hourbody

Day 1:

I got off to a weird start. You know that feeling like, "tomorrow I start this new big thing!" Well I hesitated the morning of day one. I had scheduled a lunch. I didn't eat first thing in the am, which is one of the big rules, which if you're like me, is enough to make you say "Oops, I messed up, lets start tomorrow." I didn't though. I chose to just go for it.

We went to Cafe Gratitude, a place well known for being healthy and fully transparent with its all organic and vegetarian ingredients. This was a "healthy" choice but for the 4 Hour Body, you're meant to have meat and tons of protein with every meal. I was still a little unsure aobut all the rules and I still refer often to the book. So I was feeling really unsure! So many new decisions to make! Do I just eat a ton of beans? Should I go for tempeh, even though I've sworn off soy?

I did not eat a slow carb meal. It's a vegetarian joint.  I had a yummy lettuce wrap, and some dhal. I knew I was cheating when we shared some cashew ice cream. But I didn't feel bad. It knew my choice to have dessert may slow me down a bit but the journey was begun and that was all that mattered. Sometimes it just takes your mindstate to mean you're fully on track, even if your actions are a little off. Transitions take longer than we wish. All the time. 

Later on when I got hungry for 2nd lunch I finished the wrap.

Then for dinner I had my first #slowcarb meal.

I stayed full for the rest of the the night. I was so excited that I was allowed to have red wine so when I went out it was easy for me to order safely at the bar, and go slowly. I played pool, watched my friend perform and had a great night! When I got home I ate a little leftover meat and beans about 30 minutes before bed. Just a few bites. I felt satisfied, and I wasn't doing my usual dig through the cupboards. I'm shocked at how well this is "working." So far, it's WAY easier than the sugar detox. But I'm so glad I did that first.