Eating Sugar Free On The Road

Even is "healthy" cities like Vancouver, the options are GMO, sugar and fat havens. Beware!

Even is "healthy" cities like Vancouver, the options are GMO, sugar and fat havens. Beware!


Lets face it. Airport food is shit. There are no healthy options, and even when there are, they're priced as if you're having some rare, high-end caviar. It's a monopoly. It's a conspiracy. Plus, you don't know what's IN THE FOOD!

Even Subway uses preservatives on their "fresh produce" that have been banned in other countries!

I know-CRAZY RIGHT? And you thought you were "Eating Fresh" AU contraire mon frere!! 

It's just hard work to travel and be conscious about what you're putting in your one and only precious body. 



So there you are, at the airport, with an hour to kill before you board a bird with EVEN LESS food options, and you know you'll be stuck in there for several hours...but you gotta eat, right??  Plus God forbid you're like me and can only drink sugar free almond milk in your coffee, and you LOVE your coffee. None of our friendly fast food chains have gotten around to offering that, except Coffee Bean.  But they don't yet offer sugar free.

Personally, I've been avoiding sugar and all things related, which means:

No dairy-butter is the only exception

No breads, or noodles-brown rice and quinoa are acceptable

Nothing fermented-No vinegar, pickles, olives, capers, kimchi, black tea, etc

No Sauces with sugar, Ketchup, mustard, bbq, salsa, hot sauce.

ALL very difficult while travelling, but when you're really committed, you CAN do it.

Below I am sharing some of my methods that have proven do-able. Remember its work, and you're worth the work. Step up and stand up for yourself!


The best option is to bring your own food to the airport. If you're coming from home, just make extra while you're making breakfast or dinner the night before. If you're on tour and cant cook, then stop at a whole foods or some healthy restaurant.  Factor in the time. You're worth it. The only drawback to this method is that the TSA makes you put your food through their radiation ridden X-ray machine and none of their adorable employees have any clue as to just how much radiation is involved.  It's simply a risk we are forced to take. I feel as though the effects of that might show up in 20 years, the same way cancer did from smoking or from  plastic BPA's. In the meantime we eat, pray, love. 

Tip* Before just placing your food on the belt request a "gate check" for your food. Sometimes you get someone nice who will honor your desire to eat food that has not been subject to some unknown measure of radiation. Also always "opt out" of walking through the radiation machine, the one where they make you raise your hands while they "scan" your body.

BRING POPCORN-I love this snack. Pop it at home. Use your own butter, and if you can have hot sauce on it, do it. It's awesome. You'll love it. Trust me. This is a perfect solution to that snacky vibe. When you're on a long one and you're on your second movie, this has saved my life. 

BUY POPCORN-If you cant make your own there is one brand of store bought that has no preservatives. YAAY

Bring nuts. Eat a handful of nuts and you'll have your protein covered and theres no need to eat some un-organic, un-happy meat. I have begun carrying a whole goody bag full of things to keep me "busy." I pack little tiny travel sized bottles with Almond Milk and I can basically have a bowl of "cereal" anytime. I put chia seeds, hemp heart, coconut and nuts in a bowl or cup with my puffed rice and I am good to go!

Bring Organic Hummus and veggies. At least then you know where it comes from.


I have found Mexican food is the safest place to get the healthiest options, and with only a few omissions, and substitutions, you can have a delicious, fulfilling meal and rest assured that you haven't deviated from the plan!

Fajita salad:

Order a salad, no dressing with grilled veggies. (if you have the courage to ask them to grill in butter you should-otherwise they will use canola, which is ALWAYS GMO) 

You can request extra cilantro and extra avocado

You can add black beans and brown rice for protein and bulk.

And you can get tons of limes and lemons and once you add the avocado and squirt those babies all over it, it ends up being a creamy sauce and no other dressing is necessary..

But if you still feel unsatisfied, its TOTALLY ok to ask for a side of olive oil too. 

So far I have never encountered a mexican restaurant that didn't have all of these ingredients...except for brown rice. Sometimes you go without the rice and that's ok! Also I think there is a taco joint in pretty much EVERY airport in the US.


Chinese is typically all wrong if you're avoiding sugar and soy etc...but sometimes you can get lucky with Brown rice and steamed veggies...they often have chili oil, and always have sesame oil which, with just salt and pepper can make a nice flavorful coating on your meal. You just have to be REALLY ANNOYINGLY SPECIFIC about which sauces they use to cook your food. In airports that is most challenging because they make a lot in bulk and serve it buffet style.

Tip* I think its fair to lie in this case. Say you have severe food allergies and have your food made exactly how you need it. People are very understanding to allergies. And technically you are allergic to fat and sugar when you're on a cleanse. I mean you're paying for it, right? And life is short, right? And you're paying gourmet prices. YOU ARE WORTH ALL THE FUSS :) 

Happy Journey, safe travels