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Have you ever been burnt out in the vocal booth?

Got stuck on a line that you have to cut over and over again until you can't even tell what's good and what sucks anymore?

Ever notice your producers' eyes getting glossy, and they are checking their IG while you're in the booth slaving away, searching for the magic sauce?


Or maybe you ARE that producer and you LOVE making beats and mixing records but when it comes time to cut vocals you always seem to feel sleepy and procrastinatey-yes we made that word up.

"Hollywood Vocals, was created so producers and singers never have to suffer through that again. No more half assed vocals being sent to mixing and mastering or worst of all to press! No, you get the fundamentals right. You start with solid product that you will be proud of for the duration of your career. THEN you can print, send and promote with aggression, never wondering if folks think its good, 'cause you know you got that fire!"

Even if someone hates that genre of music, they know quality when they hear it. They may not be able to articulate why exactly they ain't feeling it, but they just know they ain't. At Hollywood Vocals you get a studio coach to hold your hand throughout the entire gruelling vocal cutting process and you leave with a compelling vocal arrangement and hair raising vocals. Honey understands the importance of having a studio coach. She herself won't go in the booth without one of her own.

"No matter where I was in my career, I ALWAYS made better music when there was a coach in the room!"


Recording artists who are recording a single, EP or Full Length album


Producers who are working with several artists and aren't really passionate about the vocal cutting process.


VOCAL ARRANGING vs VOCAL PRODUCING: The shopper vs the chef.

I know I know. If you're in the music industry you have more than likely heard those terms used interchangeably many many times, right? Well let us clear this up for you. Vocal arranging is the art of choosing. That's it. Just making choices. Which note do we add here? What chord will that make? What feeling will that bring? When is less more? When is more necessary? Choosing and creating vocal parts. Thats vocal arranging.

Vocal Producing on the other hand is guiding a singer to that magic vocal. The one you search for for lifetimes. The one that sounds like you're finally transported and you are no longer trying to "sing good" but you are gone and in your stead is simply your spirit soaring. Thats what a good vocal producer can deliver. They know when to take a break, when to push harder, when to move on and come back to it.



Most likely, you already know what's good. You have a lot of experience and you even produce for other artists yourself. You know exactly what you want.


You STILL need a studio coach!

I Mean, imagine you had the best idea ever, the eureka of a lifetime. 

Whats the first thing you want to do?

Bounce it off someone you trust, right?

Or imagine going shopping and finding the perfect dress, don't you want that reassurance from your bestie before you pull out your credit card?

Would you want to go on a rollercoaster by yourself??

No. Recording is like being on a rollercoaster. It has ups and downs and fast turns.  Millions of little factors come into play, mood, lighting, blood sugar, repetition, boredom, a nasty text YOU NEVER KNOW. And you, the vocalist, or moreso, the athlete, are meant to keep on delivering the best game of your life, over and over again. Honey has a keen ear and incredible studio expertise and can help make your experience in the studio, fun, easy, and most of all successful. Success in this case is defined by walking in with an pretty good idea and leaving with a piece of music you are truly proud of. Honey has had that experience many times and has provided that service for many singers. Her vocal arranging appears on a lot of records you have heard and she is offering her services to anyone brave enough to take on the mountain that is making a record.


"This is my passion, Nothing makes me happier than helping a singer through the muck. Its my favorite part of the music making process, and after trying allll of the things, I landed where I am clearly meant to be. 
   -Honey Larochelle

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