Nov 2015

Los Angeles CA

Honey Larochelle- HIJACK EP and HIJACK video TOO HOT FOR FB

Honey Larochelle comes out of the gates swinging and swooning on her new EP, HIJACK. Since her years fronting the Brand New Heavies and backing Roberta Flack, Joss Stone, and Macy Gray Honey has started out on her own path with a new sound. Honey blends her soulful melodies over beats by Frank Royal, Primal Luxe, Snareophone and Luxe Laredo to move us through a palate of sounds that lean towards grime, trap, drum and bass, moombahton and even some RnB.

The almost banned (very suggestive) music video for the single Hijack was directed by Kyrian Bobeerian, the visionary behind the colorful performance group, “The Fungineers.” He is also the featured vocalist on the Bassnectar song “Kyrian Bee Bop.” The video takes us on a sensual adventure through a colorful naughty victorian style party. Think Marie Antoinette meets Alice in Wonderland.

Please enjoy this very sexy new release. Thank you for helping us share independant music with the world.

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