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Hundreds of million of plastic straws are used daily around the world. By switching to a reusable straw, you could save thousands of marine lives.

Also it's sexy to #SipinStyle 😉


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Here at SeaSavers we are committed to saving the world, one straw at a time.


We know that reducing our carbon footprint requires long term commitment and strong effort. Its a journey not an event. 


So, we thought, why not make that effort STYLISH??


If you're gonna be on a journey to an eco friendly life, why not #SIPINSTYLE

 And it doesn't stop there.

SeaSavers.Co really gives a damn.

We are busy creating even more eco friendly products for you and the whole family.

We are taking steps toward a plastic free future so you can too!



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our story

I was sitting in this adorable cafe. Tons of organic and healthy/conscious items on the menu. Hemp walls with thoughtful air plant and edison bulb decor.

Looking around the place I felt at home, and like I was  supporting a conscious business. 

BUT THEN the waiter came and dropped 8 straws on our table. 

OMG I thought. You drop 8 straws on every two top you serve?? Everyday??

This is obscene. This is outrageous.This is petrifying.