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Designed after Honey's character in the infamous puppet band, The Fungineers, Berry Fairy is a gorgeous piece of art, hand crafted to help you save the world one drink at a time!

Durable, made from pyrex glass, dishwasher safe, and a great conversation piece. Let Berry Fairy cause you to make a new habit of saying "No Straw" when you order you favorite drink. Not only will you be doing your part, but we bet you will immediately notice how much better your drinks taste. Enjoy!


  • Your new Berry Fairy Glass Straw is easy to keep clean. Just rinse with hot water and use the enclosed straw cleaner once or twice after most uses. When on the go, a simple wipe down and one more sip of water will do the trick. After several uses, if you see a need to throw it in the dishwasher it is totally safe to do so. But a simple rinse is recommended before use to make sure no soapy residue makes its way into your beverage.


    Insider tip* the glass is so dense at the molecular level that there is virtually no where for bacteria to thrive so it is super easy to clean. Just rinse and go.


    Carrying: You can buy a Sea Saver drawstring case from us,(made from recycled plastic) or just carry it in a pencil case or wrap it with a napkin or scarf and throw it in your bag or backpack. It's super durable and it will definitely become your favorite way to drink any beverage.


    Dentists recommend drinking coffee through straws to preseve your enamal and keep your pearly whites white! Use your personal straw and grab someone's attention with it. 

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