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"Incredible Musician"


—  Roberta Flack

Irie Soul

Welcome to my site. 


Please press play above and enjoy my latest album, 11:11, while you look around.

For this album, I blended my soulful melodies and harmonies with Danish super producer Pharfar’s reggae dancehall production sensibilities to create a group of feel-good songs that tell stories and soothe the soul in a genre we've affectionately coined “Irie Soul.”

So much love,


About Me


Vancouver born, Texas raised, Florida reformed and Brooklyn saved. I've lived all over the map and my accent (a myriad of dialects) gives me away. Sure I have shared the stage with legends and partied like a rockstar with many actual rockstars, but I'm just a girl with a heart that's been broken and mended a time or two, same as you.

 I've had the honor of performing for audiences around the world ranging in size from living rooms to 50 thousand seat arenas. I either sing songs that heal the heart and ease the soul or I sing and rap amazing silly tunes to make you laugh hard or two step with fervor. I'm a proud weirdo. I'm a cheesy Pizza Goddess 🍕 and a sultry Berry Fairy 🧚🏽‍♀️  in my puppet band, The Fungineers.  I say sorry a lot (a very Canadian trait.)  I like to laugh loudly and lots, and I thrive on stank faces at my shows. 


I'm most def the LUCKIEST girl on Earth. I have stories for days about all the times I got lucky. I could tell you about the time I found 28 crisp $100 bills in the pocket of a donated sweater, or about the time I sent my demo to an artist manager and she sent me a plane ticket! How about the time I went to the third audition of my life and landed a world tour that led to a 10 year still thriving career on the road. I am so lucky I've used up three passports already. I have seen some of the most beautiful places and faces but I have also seen some of the most humbling and scary truths. We humans do a lot of damage.  Most of us take our basic human needs for granted. But not everyone gets to enjoy endless clean water or be spared the sight and smell of our trash. How often we throw away a  ziplock bag or plastic bottle because the idea of carrying it around feels dirty or arduous. Our impact on the earth is frightening. I'm on a mission to save the world one person at a time through beautiful music and raising awareness. This is my cause. Glass straws are only the beginning of the solution.

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I have been recording since I was 7 years old. My mother was a single mum and a touring singer. I was always with her on tour, at rehearsals and in recording sessions. I got hands on training from an early age.

Since then I have written, recorded, vocal produced, vocal arranged and coached on several projects and with several artists.

Hear some of my releases and features and check out some of the projects I have contributed to as a producer or writer...

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