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Badass Singer Sessions

SINGERS! Wanna learn the Secret to Vocal Mastery?




🎤 Elevate Your Singing Skills

🎵 Get Consistent Expert Guidance, Anywhere

🕒 Learn at Your Own Pace

💡 Join Now for Vocal Mastery!


Recording a New Hit?

A Big Show on the Horizon?

That Tricky Bridge Got You Sweating?


Let's Conquer It Together!


3 Lessons Monthly, Recordings Included.

💥 Affordable & Empowering

Elevate Your Voice, Own the Stage, and Ignite Your Musical Journey Today! 🎤💥

live Performance

TRACK SHOW- Just Honey and her 

high quality mastered instrumentals

ACOUSTIC SET- Honey and a 

3-5 piece band -acoustic instruments



BIG SOUND   (Most Popular) 

Honey and a 3  piece band with full drum kit

HONEY'S BIG BAND -Horn section, BGVS, and full   rhythm section


Throwing an event and care about the environment?

Planning a wedding and want to give your guests something special to remember you by?

My glass straws make an impact AND and impression.



Song writing

Indie Artist Success

Vocal Mastery

I also consult small businesses on branding and marketing.

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