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You know how sometimes you don't know why you're good at something, you just are?

 I have an uncanny ear and a very nerdy appreciation for intricate harmonies and vocals.

I often think I was put here special, simply to be a

vocal producer.

~Honey Larochelle, Hollywood Vocals


I’m so glad you asked ;)

Vocal Production is studio coaching for great singers. Your vocal producer is your secret weapon in the studio, your beast in your corner, helping you choose the right approach to each line-each word, to get you to a performance of a lifetime, everytime.

Your VP is someone you can trust to hold your hand throughout the entire grueling vocal-cutting process and leave you with a compelling vocal arrangement and hair raising vocals you can be proud of for eternity. 

Your music is your legacy. It knows no time and will last LONG after you do, so its important to make sure you leave behind something you're proud of. 

It's such an honor to go through this process with an artist. It can be emotional and exhausting,or hilarious and the most fun you've ever had. Either way, it's a very real process. Hire a VP to help you guide you to  your masterpiece.


"Who have you worked with?"

Here at Hollywood Vocals I have been lucky to work on some amazing projects with many artists. Some well known, so lesser known, but all really solid works. 

I have done arrangements and/or vocal production for Macy Gray, Donny Osmond, Allen Stone and countless more. My work has been featured on NBC's The Sing Off and on GRAMMY award winning albums.

I offer custom vocal arrangements and/or demo or feature vocals done virally.

Just send me your track and I will deliver raw, awesome, comped vocals to you.

"What's a vocal arrangement?"

A vocal arrangement is the bed of background vocals that lay behind the lead singer. They often can make or break a song and often go unnoticed. A masterful arrangment is as powerful as the score of a movie, often guiding your emotions without you even knowing why you're suddenly all in your feelings. Those vocals need to be designed specifically to fit the mood and tone of the song. They need to support or interact with the lead vocal beautifully, adding harmony and or dialog to a piece. 

I love to be of service for artists who really want to express themselves and put their best stuff out there.

I love coaching singers in the studio, pulling their best possible vocal out of them and then comping (cutting and pasting) that vocal together until it's something we are all proud of and want to listen to again and again. 

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